Customize cars, build race tracks and race online. Drift, ramp and boost around insane tracks with ramps, jumps and dips in your real world. 


Inspired by Scalextric and other slot car racing toys, Turbo Drift AR allows players to race their highly customizable cars against other players in high-octane drifting action.

Turbo Drift AR is in soft launch in limited countries across the world.

If your country isn't available, get the Early Access build below.





Race: challenge your friends in head-to-head competitions and prove your driving prowess.


Collect: collect a garage full of monster trucks, hotrods, muscle cars and Formula 1 beauties.


Upgrade: make your cars feel truly unique with a range of mods, paint jobs, and upgrades.


Improve: race through five tiers and rise through the leaderboard ranks to unlock new tracks.


Build: build the racing track of your dreams and release online for others to compete on.


Augment: as an optional extra, relive the nostalgia of epic slot car races and race in ‘augmented reality mode’.

Turbo Drift AR - the multiplayer racing game of the future.


Monster Trucks, Muscle Cars, Hot Rods, Formula Cars & Beach Buggies! Multiple unique models and customizations mean the opportunities to create unique vehicles are endless.


As a player, you’ll select your initial vehicle and can then modify nearly all visual aspects including colors, rims, neons, full paint jobs and even add insane accessories to create a truly unique, one of a kind vehicle for your online races.


Each vehicle type has its own physics model, making Monster Trucks competitively different to Muscle Cars - while differences in track terrain make selecting the correct vehicle type critical.

Vehicles are the star of the show in Turbo Drift AR.




Drift, ramp and boost around insane tracks with ramps, jumps and dips.


  • Drift: drift around corners to maximize speed and earn boost power.

  • Ramp: time jumps and loop launches to earn maximum boost.

  • Boost: activate to gain speed at key sections of the track.

  • Compete: beat players from all around the world.


As you compete in Turbo Drift AR, you progress through different race tiers, earn money to purchase and upgrade your vehicles and compete in a range of races across 15 tracks.


There are a number of tracks with varying levels of difficulty, some are built larger than others, and some are built as a quick course which needs lot of skill to master. Tracks also include loops, ramps or terrain suitable for different types of vehicles.


Races are designed to be fast and furious with a high degree of player and vehicle skill.


Turbo Drift AR is currently in soft launch and in early access for those that have subscribed. We'd love to know what you think of the game and generally have feedback.

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